Website Design: Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Website

Website design or “web design” is the look and feel of your site. A website is often the first touchpoint a customer has with a business, and first impressions are crucial. A successful website is one that not only looks great but is also functional, user-friendly, and reflects the brand in the best possible way and its design is the way this can all be presented beautifully. In this article, we’ll tell you the do’s and don’ts for a successful website design. 

What Is a Successful Website?

The success of a website can be measured in how effectively it serves its purpose, which is effectively meeting the needs and expectations of its target audience. This includes attracting them, keeping them on the site, and successfully compelling them to convert. How well you do this, is how successful the site is.

Examples are our way of communication so here’s one about your local supermarket- picture one of the big names. Imagine the storefront has flickering lights and battered-down signage, and you can’t seem to find what you need once you’re inside. You probably won’t return unless they have amazing products and deals you can’t find anywhere else which motivate you to ignore how unpleasant the experience at the store is. 

Similarly, unless your website has exceptional content and great returns for your target audience, a poorly organized and designed site with little care about the user’s experience is the recipe for a failed site. To sum it up, focus on improving your site’s design if you want website success. 

How to Enhance Your Website Design - The Do’s

Here are 3 great website design tips to get those engagement and conversion numbers up.

Research and Strategize

Countless website designs have evidence of being victorious in reaching their audience. While you can’t make a site that uses every design element, you can research to find out which elements generally appeal to your market. You must find the best type of website design that aligns with your brand identity and goals. This research should help you plan and strategize your design choices, including the colours, fonts, images, and navigation structure.

Maintain ‘Consistency’: The Middle Name of Website Success

Consistency is key in website design. A consistent colour scheme, typography, and layout can help to reinforce your brand and make your website feel professional and trustworthy. This consistency should extend to all pages of your website, not just the homepage.

Think about the supermarket, how would you feel if one aisle was all blue, suddenly a splash of red products are displayed and then a rainbow appears out of nowhere? Even reading this would sound frustrating. Being consistent with your site’s design helps make sure your site does not look like a little kid’s colouring book.

Collaborate with a Great Branding Agency

Last but not least on the list of must-dos, partnering with a branding agency can help to ensure that your website reflects your brand and meets the needs of your target audience. A great branding agency will bring a fresh perspective and expertise to the table, helping you to create a website that sets you apart from your competitors and allows your business to steal the spotlight it deserves. 

How to Ruin Your Website Design - The Absolute Don’ts

As much as the dos are important, there are also practices you must indulge in if you want a website that is designed to succeed.

Forgetting Responsiveness

Users come to your site from many devices and every user must have a positive experience in navigating the site and finding the information they want. With over half of the global website traffic in 2022 coming in from mobile devices, your site must be optimized for all devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile to provide a seamless user experience for every user.

This type of design will also help to improve your search engine ranking, as Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in its search results. Not focusing on responsiveness, gives you the complete opposite results, and we don’t want that, do we?

Creating an Unscannable Website Design

Overcrowded website designs are an eyesore and people also despise them because they can’t locate what they want easily. Think about that local supermarket from before, and imagine it has no organization whatsoever with your BBQ grills located on the same aisle as perfumes. 

This type of design where you cannot simply scan and find what you need immediately gives the impression that the website is too hard to use and not useful for them. Not creating such a website should be one of your primary website design goals. 

Disregarding Image Optimization

Improve your website design by optimizing your images for better load speeds and conversion rates


Images can be a powerful tool in website design, but they can also slow down your website and impact your search engine ranking adversely if they’re not optimized. Optimizing your images, including compressing them, using descriptive filenames, and adding alt tags, will help to ensure that not only are they attractive but they actually bring value to your site’s design rather than slow it down and drive away visitors. 

Good Website Design Is Great Brand Growth

A successful website is one that not only looks great but has a design that is functional, user-friendly, and reflects the brand in the best possible way. At Alapra, we offer expert website design services that will help your business achieve its online goals. Contact us today to let us help you create a branded website design that gives your customers meaningful experiences.

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