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The need for Alapra

The digital world has become an inevitable part of our lives and businesses. To survive in it, business owners seem to be making a choice. An impactful brand? Or a business without liabilities?


Alapra was created to bridge the gap, not to put brands into debt, yet to provide them with the most tangible brand identity that would bring in both customers and currency. We aim to support futuristic modern thinkers and go-getter entrepreneurs who dislike being stationary as much as we do, and are on a never-ending journey of change and growth.


Our purpose is not only to promise rewarding and reasonable investments, but also a promise to have fun, devour some chocolates, and laugh heartily to celebrate our collaboration with brands.

Smile back at our Branding Strategist, Founder & CEO

Mayuran S is our Founder & CEO, an avid lover of hardcore chatter. He’s also very observant, so he’ll notice a lot of things quickly, sometimes too many! Maybe, that’s what contributes to his creativity, strategy, and wit? We aren’t too sure about that. What we are sure about though is that he’s qualified with over 5 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Specialist, fun to collaborate and achieve great things with, and also trustworthy and ethical for you to champion too!

Mayuran’s passion for branding and marketing stems from a young age when he realized his name would not pop up when searched on Google. Determined to see himself there, he began his journey with SEO, marketing, data analytics, and now he’s here! Quite fortunate he stumbled on the field, cause our team and yours are lucky now.


While creating a safe space for brands to thrive is one of his passions, it isn’t the only thing he’s passionate about. He’s all game for adventure and travel too! If you find him cycling somewhere in the neighborhood, don’t forget to say hi! If you’d like to know more by talking to our CEO, you can say hello here.

Product roadmap

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Alapra is your magician, full of magic (but data-inspired), full of tricks (but harmlessly, just to have an enjoyable collaboration), and full of the wow-factor- no buts, just wow.

Alapra is your magician, full of magic (but data-inspired), full of tricks (but harmlessly, just to have an enjoyable collaboration), and full of the wow-factor- no buts, just wow.


Requirement Provided solutions Before solutions Current issues Satisfaction Solving problem The company’s new target was young couples earning an average of $150000 or more a year who were struggling to allocate time to managing properties they had invested in. The company was initially named Green Life Property Management and approached us with brand assets that did not appeal to their new target market. We started by conducting extensive research on the industry and its people: property management companies, property managers, and young couples investing in properties. The research included a deep understanding of the decision-making process behind the couple’s investment; if the decision majorly depended on one person or both people, and what factors generally gained the couple’s positive interest and trust in property management companies. Thus, we proceeded to establish a well-defined and re-branded company. We defined their customer’s geographical location.We defined their customer personas.We defined profitable segmentations.We provided well-defined customer journeys.We provided platforms that would facilitate the journey.We customized a name that would appeal to the target audience.Consequently, we provided an absolute re-branding solution.

As creatives, inspiration is a result of intricate observations. But as brand strategists, we value inspirations backed by data, with no compromises made.

We don’t take shortcuts that harm our environment or our people. We empower brands that help maintain a safe, loved community that ensures justice prevails at all costs.

We know what you want, we know what works, and we collaborate with you to reap the rewards of our commitment, great entrepreneurship, and absolute smart not ‘hard’ work.

We only cheat on our diets! We do not believe in discrediting other creatives, and we strongly believe in our capabilities to produce the most genuine and genius results that are unique to us and the brands we collaborate with.

Like the people at Alapra, our work too is aimed to be ahead of the time, constantly uplifting brands with data-driven resolutions. We reflect passionately in all our phases of work.

Speed means nothing without thoughtful processes which require its well deserved time to produce results that resonate with your brand’s belief. Once we have that, a masterpiece will emerge with speed.