Balsam Building Services

Balsam Building Services approached us as a start-up with a new market approach, realizing the absence of janitorial, handyman, and superintendent services in one place, for property managers to manage properties efficiently. The business desperately wanted to unify and support professionals to provide adequate services, by supplying in-house contractors. They recognized that the industry required change and wanted to be the ones to do so.

The process

We applied research techniques to determine if the idea was feasible. We recognized that the brand’s competitors were providers of one particular service who were ill-equipped to provide services backed by modern equipment. Determining this as the brand’s unique value proposition, we developed a sustainable brand strategy to kickstart the collaboration.

Powerful and meaningful visual identity

As Balsam Building Services was optimistic in dominating the market, we included colors that were bold and royal, indicating supremacy and emphasizing premium services despite affordability. We incorporated the Balsam Fir plant, a common household adornment used across GTA-Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton that denoted a connection that broke barriers of religion, language, and community, into the logo. while also symbolizing the emission of warmth, happiness, and comfort from the Balsam Fir. The merging of the plant aimed to establish the goal of the business in uniting professionals and resonated with the ultimate purpose of delivering those core feelings to residents relying on the extensive services the company aimed to provide. The vertical, flawless geometric design of the Balsam Fir represented immaculate buildings, that would be the outcome of properties that rely on Balsam Building Services.

The end game

We customized the framework of the brand to align with the brand’s concept. Through a brand identity prism, we recognized aspects that we could combine to deliver the brand’s story. We identified the brand’s core values, unique value proposition, built the website and developed video content. From concept to launch, we transformed an idea into Balsam Building Services.

Mayuran and the Alapra team were so great in taking care of our digital marketing needs. From the initial meeting, they were very helpful in understanding our business and clients. They made sure our visions were incorporated and explained the entire Search Engine Optimization process so we knew what was being done behind the scenes. Glad we chose to work together, more than happy with the results.

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