Think Trash

Think Trash approached us at their ‘phase of ideation’ as a passionate start-up determined to replace single-use resources with sustainable, reusable conveniences/amenities for the food and service industry. Alapra loves supporting environmental brands, so we worked with great vigor to define and enhance Think Trash’s initiative.

The need

Think Trash required us to bring out the personality of their brand in their visual identity and fine-tune their ideation phase through our brand strategizing services (The Awakening).

The process

The name of the brand, Think Trash was decided prior to Alapra’s take over but it helped us understand our client and the purpose of their brand. “Think about the impact of trash and be conscious of how you can contribute to not harming the environment.” Based on this understanding, we applied research techniques to recognize the consumer demand and competitors for the brand’s target industry.

Visual identity beyond the eyes

To effectively position the brand, we created unique elements of identity, that would evoke the need to be responsible towards the environment. The elements were carefully curated using a significant color palette, green signifying environmental awareness, and brown signifying earth. Environment-conscious customers would immediately recognize the brand, while new customers would be drawn in through the profound elements.

The end game

Strategic launch methods derived from extensive research, along with intentional graphical identity elements that conveyed the brand’s message and personality were provided to the client. The client was educated on the development of their products in line with their brand’s personality. Expressive and impeccable designs were provided for tangible resources like visiting cards and letterheads. The final product was an environment-conscious brand that communicated for itself through its brand’s persona.

Logo Variations for Think Trash
Reusable Bag for Think Trash
T-shirt for Think Trash's Employee Welcome Ki
Coffee Mug for Think Trash's Employee Welcome Kit
Visiting Card for Think Trash
Reusable Bag for Think Trash
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