Freedom Rents

The brand approached us as Green Life Property Management, a company with 7 years of experience targeting and providing property owners with great property management and maintenance services in Durham, Simcoe, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The need

A variation of its existing clientele to a niche market for young couples who require a reliable property management company to manage their properties. The brand lacked assets that catered to its new target audience. The business required re-branding, with the fundamentals analyzed and altered to model a brand strategy that correlated with the desired consumer’s demand.

The process

Extensive market research and a brand audit indicated the shift in consumer perspectives from quality services to quality property management services that gave investors freedom, in the form of ‘time’- to prioritize people and things that mattered more. Consequently, the brand’s strategy became evident. A brand that advocated for time, for priorities, for loved ones… for Freedom!

Elements and tone

We conceptualized and structured the website to align with its brand strategy. Brand identity components included a color palette that asserted the brand’s message and represented its core clientele. Therefore we fixated on colors that signified youth and togetherness. The logo, a bird secured by its house, not confined to walls, rather ‘free’, sets the tone throughout the website, positioning the brand in its client’s mind. Brand-centered verbiage, focusing on the brand’s concept and SEO, was strategically customized to increase the brand’s value proposition.

The end game

The brand strategy was incorporated into a fresh name, Freedom Rents, championing not one but two target audiences identified through market research- investors and responsible tenants. Freedom Rents was able to define its prospective market through strategic evolution of the brand’s concept into tangible brand messaging and brand growth elements, including an effectual graphic identity.

Calendar Design for Client Freedom Rents
Pen Holder for Freedom Rents' Office Merchandise
Visiting Card for Freedom Rents
Bottle for Freedom Rents' Employee Welcome Kit
Mask for Freedom Rents' Employee Welcome Kit
Handwash Design for Client Freedom Rents' Presale Marketing

Alapra and their team did a fantastic job on our website for Freedom Rents. They were so responsive to all our needs from the graphics and landing pages . Mayuran really went out of his way to educate on how he planned to use keywords to increase traffic to our page. Overall we were very impressed and would recommend them.

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